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Dad said because we got the second morgage that he'll go ahead and get me my mac with my printer and ipod min (both of which are free~)

In celebration of my new, beautiful, wonderful mac I prolly wont get for another week or so I will be making a new LiveJournal account and a new merger of my FMA DA (Kerry never knew about it because... well... It was FMA and she'd have skinned me) and my IY/General DA gallery to make one big slew of a thing~ From that day on- after I organize and settle in my new accounts - I'll be starting comissions and print sales if anyone was open for them. Dont know how many prints I'd sell but if you are interested in getting a painting/cg/marker/sketch and are willing to pay a little to feed a starving artist start thinking about your demands =3!

Thats all for now - I'll post the new LJ name when I get it.
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Summer, Reay, Chrno


Dude, I want summer to be here, like... NOW!

Well, not really because I have money to save, credit to build, and a job to find before I can actually start looking for that 'dream apartment' that I've been wishing to purchase.

And I just saw I got my tax return of 200 some odd dollars to my bank account ~ Kaching! Now I have enough to get a train ticket to Savannah over spring break!

Hokay, and now for other news though its not really other news but its not completely related either:

After going through the 50 or so blank, unlabeled CD's strooled over my room I finally found - the last one that was left to read-my graphics stuff/online portfolio/Resume/Reference Disk from last year. Talk about lucky! Now I have a shitload of stuff for portfolio that I dont have to re-make, a whole bunch of HTML and links I only have to mildly alter to fit into a nicer portfolio website, and a resume and reference sheet I only have to update instead of completely remake. This all means that once I update my resume and get my online portfolio working that I can finally begin to apply for all of these real graphic design positions I've been looking for. If I can get a good, sturdy, job with an ok apartment (sharing with two others, of course) and save up some money I can actually afford college down the road. May not be a full time student - part time or online classes- but hey! It's education and I'm doing something I -love- doing at the same time! Animation is cool, but graphic design is now. I'd like to learn animation in the future, though.

Before any of that can be done, unfortunatly, I have to finish my soup cans for Art before Mrs. Fairley kills me and then I have to do the paper things I skipped school on friday for. Take home test for English - Two 5 para essays with quotes and examples for 2 of 4 questions. Can't bring in the typed paper - just and outline and you have to write it in class. I didnt have shit done because I was planning on doing it the night before because we were getting back from the fieldtrip at 7:30. Turns out our bus broke down so here is that sequence of events.

4:15 - Everyone begins to gather in front of the National Gallery
4:33 - Driver says the bus broke down, another 20 minutes before the replacement arrives
5:20 - Replacement bus arrives.
5:35 (or so) - Replacement bus stops beside first bus to gather stuff left on the other bus and transfer stuff from replacement bus over.
6:00 - Finally start on our way home.
9:30 - Arrive home and decide to go to applebees, seeing as we hadn't eaten since noon.
10:15 - Arrive home, read some InuYasha manga and watch a little Kyou Kaou Maou before crashing.

I woke up the next day, walked into moms room and said "I dont want to go to school." and she just goes "Ok." and thus I drove Josh to school, and proceeded to be laaazzyy. =3

Time to go and grab something to eat and try and ditch Cali =3 Jaaaa
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Spoiled a little

I was spoiled by having thursday and friday off to run errands and hang with Cody (cousin) and Josh (brother) only to turn around and work my ass off from dawn till dusk stirring up some 'putty' for little screaming kids.

I got my ears pierced a second time at Clairs. Kind of splurged - should have gotten the little silver ball instead of the 37 dollar birth stone ones. You can hardly see them anyway.

Got paid - $177 to add to my, what, 12 bucks I have now? Im on a roll. >_> I have to really start managing money better. It hurts alot more now because I spent that 80 bucks on InuYasha when I prolly shouldnt have and then ate school food for lunch every day and that stuff is -way- too expensive. I'll have to invest in making my own lunches - It'll be healthier for me at least.

I got Rent/happy.

I really feel like drawing.

I really need to do my homework.

I really want to rp.

I really need some sleep.

I really want to shower.

I really want to graduate.

and it would be nice to have money for free because thinking about having to go to my Richmond class tomorrow? (Insert shudder here)

Fuck what I wouldnt do to know what to do right now. e_e having friday and thursday off made me think "...I hate having to go to school all day. its nice having time for errands and not rushing to get it done." versus "I just got out of school now I need to drive a half an hour out of my way for five minutes to pick up a pack then turn around and drive a half an hour home." It's, frankly, not fun.

>_> I'm totally going to be going out of my way to get to Richmond on fridays. I dont know how to get there by going north so I'm going back to chester(home) and to Richmond from there. No toll and I know where Im going and - hey- I get paid for every mile over 15 that I travel. Good deal.

Bah, I feel like I have all of this creative energy and I dont know what to do with it.

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Iji is back from wherever she went on vacation for the past... almost year now. I might update more often - might not. Depends on my moods mostly. Im just kind of bored.

I want the second season of InuYasha.


If anyone buys it before I get a chance to I will hunt them down, gnaw off their ankles and then spit them back out into their skull in order to retreive my boxset.

I really -really- want it. <3

I still love FMA, though, so dont get any hopes up.

Dead x_x

Well..I m still awake.. >_> Since yesterday with an hour nap somewhere in the mix, maybe more. I cant remember when I fell asleep while Cali was there and when she left so *shrugs* Yea, I'm a bad host, just kinda told Cali "Go ahead and play on the compie, all I wanted to show you was Vic saying things. Im goin to bed."

Mum and I went shopping yesterday. *squees* spent a little more than I bargained for, but I got alot =O!
I got two skirts with all these bubbles in all these funky colors. Got these ruby looking red pinstripe pants, black pinstripe pants, and all sorts of shirts. >__> Im all excited to wear them. AND... I got some hats. ** 2 Hats that I love very much big time. I ended up taking my favorite Yaoi Doushinji trilogy thing and making 2 desktops. Yay for Roy/Ed. And.. I just got back from band camp? I had to go drop off a disk to have the video on it chopped up by some guys dad. So The dad described him to me, I picked him out, handed him the disk and requested he take it to his father. He's all "Sure." and once I turn around "Who the hell was -that-?" "Iunno." XD I should probably be more social and introduce myself now and then, ne?
Well, Im going to go downstairs, pop L'arc~en~Ciel into my dvd player and pass out on the couch. Iji signing out!
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Bad habits, man, bad habits.

Dude, Im still awake and its 6 something in the morning. >_> My dads going to be awake and wandering around getting ready for work in about 20-30 minutes and I'll prolly wander downstairs to get breakfast.

Wtf? Im not supposed to stay up this late ;_; I just cant seem to fall asleep any earlier than this now, because I keep falling asleep during the day and getting all of my rest. I know this will definatly change once school hits. XD! I'm going to be a complete wreck the first few days/weeks of school, its gonna suck so bad. Oh well, I'm a senior, I'm happy. =3! Got some sketches done I'm proud of. Hopefully if I learn the anime style of FMA then it'll be an easier transition into my style than it has been. Ed and Roy keep changing face shapes >__>;

What is good about today is that mom promised she would take me school clothes shopping! What is bad is Im out of clothes to wear to -go- school clothes shopping. >_> Laundry day for Iji! ...Maybe we can go out for breakfast. I'll have to drive. ^_^

I am 56.5% closer to being a subbie and counting! Thank you -sooo- much Al! ;__;!
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I finished some more Numisma stuff, which I will (hopefully) be scanning and posting tomorrow after my meeting with teh employer. She best like what I have for her, I just need to switch around some links. In the process of making all my text links into a dropdown menu it seems they decided to hop around on me. e_e;

And, I just finished a really neat pic of a girl with a shell on her head. =/ If I show Mrs. Fairley Im sure she'll like it, she'll just want me to redo it with more precision. XD I guessed on the placement of all of my decorations so they look all off and wobbly. Go figure.

Edward Elric = <3

I need to watch my beddie bye Alchemist episode and asleep I go.

*rolls to bed, snuggling her sketchbook*
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Rackin frackin SLEEP

As you can see... my plan didn't work... Fuck..

I want to draw, which is the problem. I dont have my sketchbook or pencils anywhere near, either, so I cant release the urge.. Thus I'm stuck with all of these ideas floating around in my head and nothing to put them out with. (I know I have a tablet but I just... grargh.. I don't feel like messing with anything digital right now.)

And in a ditch effort I'm opening up my rp files to find a long one to lull me to sleep, which usually works. .. Unfortunatly I found my old rp music folder, selecting one song that, most possibly, could have been the worst in this situation.

I listened to 1 song and 1 song only on repeat from 9pm to 7am when I read the Broadway Baby series... This song.. Playing right now... that I know not the name of.. Is it. Once the first few beats hit my ears all of the memories from the BB universe hit me and I wanted to draw -Himes-.

Now Edward Elric, InuYasha Umezu and InuYasha Himes have joined forces against me and getting sleep.

;____; I need... sleeep...
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Colored Chrno, anyone?

Woo picture.Collapse )

Other than that this is my last week of school. I'm finally, out of this whole time, going to try to go to bed before 12. I'll prolly watch an ep of chrno, alchemist, or even InuYasha and then turn in. I just feel like watching somethin to try and get me to sleep.

If anyone wants InuYasha manga, I have a bunch of books I havn't even touched just sitting around. Because I dont think I've but thumbed through them I'll probably be selling them at regular price ($8.95 US) . I have books 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 14,15,17,19, and 20. up for grabs so whoever may be interested. This is growing a little antsy for money.

Aparently my e-mail with my hours didnt go completely through, so my money isnt even in the system yet. *headpalm* I need moneys!

With all that said. *salutes* Im going to crawl into bed and pass out. ja.
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